"FINALLY — Get ALL The Scripts, Tools, Confidence & Insider Knowledge That Professional Real Estate Investors Like Yourself Are Using To Dominate This Flip-Flop Foreclosure Market!"

Use This Step-by-Step System to Overcome Fear, Save You a Ton of Time, Help People and Make a TON of Money!

  • Gain the Confidence You Need To Approach People
  • Master the Art of Building Instant Rapport
  • Finally Know What To Say & How To Say It
  • Save Time & Make More $$ Faster!

"What a great book"

"Steve, What a great book. My wife commented on how good a teacher you are and we both want to thank you for the teaching."

Tim, Tampa, FL

Date: 4/11/2009
From: Steve Jackson

Dear Investor,

The purpose of this book is to illustrate a step-by-step system for beginner and seasoned real estate investors to use to overcome the fear of approaching homeowners that are in one of many distressed situations (foreclosure, divorce, job transfer, death, etc.) and provide a fair and reasonable solution that will solve the home owner’s problem while putting a ton of money in the investor’s pocket.

“Overcome Your Fears or Forever Be a Prisoner To Them...”
Why You Should Read This Book...

Are you terrified at the idea of knocking on some complete stranger’s door to ask them to sell you their house? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Once upon a time I was too and now you don’t have to stress it anymore because I’m going to break you “free from the chains” that constrain you and save you a ton of time.

"Opportunity is Knocking – Answer the Door!"

All you have to do is follow my simple, step-by-step instructions laid out in this book and you will overcome your fears, help others, and make LOTS & LOTS of money!


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OK — Let’s get started!

Right now, Steve is sharing his book, “Door Knocking Secrets REVEALED” that changed the way he did business and TRIPLED the number of deals he was able to close per month with real estate investors throughout the nation.

In This Book You Will Learn How To:

  • Overcome one of your biggest challenges, "The Fear of Failing"
  • Gain Instant Credibility With Homeowners
  • Save Time & Make More $$ Faster!
  • What to bring with you while you are “Driving for Dollars"
  • 5 Keys to Prepare Yourself
  • TWO Amazing Tips to Help You with Your Frame of Mind
  • 5 Key Emotional Issues Homeowners are dealing with
  • 12 Keys To Scoping Out a Property
  • Overcome Most Common Owner Responses & Objections
  • Magic Words to Buy Houses Cheap
  • Leverage Your Team of Specialists or Network of Professionals
  • How to make money with referrals
  • How to quickly estimate home repairs

"What a great product you have designed!"

What a great product you have designed. I've been a real estate investor for 12 years and Door Knocking Secrets Revealed is the most comprehensive system for the real estate investor I have ever seen. Great Job!"

Tom Downs

And that’s not all...

In addition to the points above, you will also gain access to
critically-important “practical” information, such as...
  • Door Knocking Checklist - List of critical items successful investors bring with them while "driving for dollars" to maximize their time.
  • 12 Keys To Scoping Out a Property - List of important things successful investors need to evaluate on the way to the homeowner's house and before walking through the front door.
  • Magic Words to Buy Houses Cheap - Simple yet effective strategies you can use to quickly find out what the homeowner is willing to accept for the house
  • Steps to Gain Credibility With Homeowners - Explains exactly how you approach and handle the homeowner’s responses & objections.
  • Proven Scripts That Produce Results - Tried, tested, and proven scripts/questionaires that will get you the facts you need from the homeowner to quickly determine if you are going to be able to help them.


Order Your Copy Of "Door Knocking Secrets Revealed" TODAY!

This is a step-by-step system for beginner and seasoned real estate investors: For only $27 you will overcome the fear of approaching homeowners that are in one of many distressed situations, know what to say and how to say it to get in the door, and provide a fair and reasonable solutions that will solve the home owner’s problem while putting a ton of money in YOUR pocket!


Steve Jackson has a proven track record and has helped thousands of people become experts at Real Estate to enable them to reach their dreams of financial security. He also offers Business Automation Systems and is available for speaking engagements at live events and webinars for real estate professionals.

Mr. Jackson's real estate investment company named, Family Man Buys Houses was formed in March, 2003. The corporate office is located in Clearwater, FL. The company buys and sells houses all over the country using "VirtualInvestorPLUS".

For more information on Steve Jackson, visit www.StevenJacksonBlog.com

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